Bouvier is the creation of an ever-evolving life and business partnership of Rebecca Raft and Peter Conroy, known by all who love them as Rafti & PC.

After a decade together working and living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, in 1989 the couple had a ‘life’s too short’ moment, sold everything they owned in a garage sale and went to live in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Together they sat over warm afternoons in a local olive grove, and designed and made their first range of jewellery, using a hammer to beat first brass and then fine silver against rocks they’d found on the beach.

With promises to return to Posi, PC and Rafti returned to Sydney in the nineties with a new jewellery business, Conroy & Raft, at once picked up by both the fashion-forward boutiques of Paddington and Vogue Australia.

Designs evolved and 2003 saw the launch of today’s Bouvier, named after two immensely powerful and inspirational women, Jacqueline Kennedy and … Marge Simpson. By 2004, the collections were showing in Paris twice a year during Fashion Week, and clients extended to Canada, Italy and Germany.

PC and Rafti now share their time between their studios dotted around the world, but always in the loyal company of their poodle, bix ... now with them forever in spirit. Bouvier is characterised by signature pieces in hand-cut and beaten silver. Each piece is hand crafted and each range tells an intriguing story, taking inspiration from natural and cultural influences and from fabulous women from history.

The colourful culture of Morocco has been an influence for the couple and for the Bouvier jewellery range since a fateful visit to Fes in 2006. PC and Rafti fell in love with the people, the food and the vibrant medina lifestyle and decided to buy and then remotely renovate a second home there, which they affectionately call ‘Dar Rafti’.

In 2014, PC and Rafti took Bouvier further online and, for the first time, retailed their latest collections through this very online shoppe.

Their story continues ...